Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Tomorrow feels empty for me. Life has a way of making me brave enough to put myself out there only to get hurt and retreat into myself. I'm trying though. I promised myself I wouldn't run and hide anymore. I deserve to know where living my life can take me. So I'll stay brave for now. I'll give second chances. I'll try harder to get back on track with the things I owe to myself. I'll forget the past and use this time to start anew. I'm going to read more, write more, love more, and learn more. Not because I think this will change me, but because on top of what I NEED to do for myself, these are things I want and crave for myself. The only way I'm going to get there is knowing when to buckle down and when to let go. So even though today my tomorrow feels empty, I know will actually bring a new chance to be what I want, and not what I'm expecting I'll be. I just sometimes forget to use what's given to me.