Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day One

I don't have the best of memories. Not in the literal, past occurances sense, but in the remembering those occurances. So, in the hopes that my obsession for writing can serve an actual purpose I have begun many things at once. First, this blog. I have so many ideas and anecdotes on a daily basis, it's hard to keep track of them. Here I can email them, text them, or even video blog them. These are all things I intend to do regularly. You may be asking, "Why is he doing this, and more importantly, why should I care?". Well, this brings me to my second endeavour. Two, I'm creating a biographical timeline for a book. It's either going to be collaborative with my family, or if that falls through, independently on my own. Either way, I have begun to write this timeline. I took a picture, but the whole point of this blog I suppose is to create buzz. To tease in the idea of this book without giving the plot. It's safe to say that my timeline begins at my birth and ends in present day. I would hope that's obvious. Third, I deleted my other blogs, and I'm getting that empty feeling you get when you have so much to say to absolutely nobody in particular and nowhere to say it. Let's face it, journals and diaries are a bit dated. So, sadly this blog won't be a literary blog alone. You will hear me whine and rant quite regularly. I promise not to bore anyone too much. I also took the liberty of linking my Google+ account, so if you have any questions, want to get to know me, or just want to stalk me... by all means... I guess?

So lets get to what I'm getting at here. The book. OR books. Who knows just yet. Here's what I know of the project... This has been something I have wanted to do for a few years now, I have discussed it with my family members on multiple occasions. Recently, my mother has had a few revelations about her childhood, and suddenly has decided to write a book. Her story is a good one. In fact it's a story I had ALREADY written about once before. Of course, in part only, as the recent revelations flesh out this story fully. So, now in my writing mode, I have decided to compile a story from the childhood of my siblings. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that my mother would want to include her story in a cooperative venture such as my idea. Instead she seems insistent on writing her story on her own. While this is fine, she must realize that as a series, or compilation, the story is stronger. Still, I cant force such ideas. I must let this one lie where it fell, and so I will. I figure I will continue my project, and convince her late into the project. For now I will have to continue what has been started. I am one of five children, and I have gotten all my other siblings more or less on board. Of course my older sister wants to do a reality show! Fuck that. My little sister and oldest brother are for sure on board. My other brother always seems distracted, and I'm not sure where he stands on the idea just yet. Still, if push comes to shove I can write to the best of my recollection, and go that route. Either way, I have waited to do this too long. It's time. Today was day one of writing, blogging, and minor interviews. Wish me luck.

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