Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Morning After

So, if any of my readers have taken the time to check out my profile, I live with my partner of four years. He works hard and usually pretty late. Last night in particular was a late night, but he also stayed up later and watched movies after getting home. Of course he had to work today, and he knew this. Still, he wasn't expecting the early morning text message asking him to come in early. So, I'm here trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to make for breakfast, and trying to get the motivation to read and write. I was kind of hoping writing in my blog would give the motivation to figure out life in the AM. I have always been and always will be the worst kind of morning person.

*1 hour later*

Had to get something to eat and call back my brother and sister. I moved from New Mexico when I turned 18. Best decision of my life, but I do always enjoy a catch up phone call to hear about the drama. It's easier to laugh at the stupidity of others when there is distance. Not the stupidity of just my family either, good times.

Anyway, I'm currently reading a Game of Thrones, and should get back to that. I want to blaze through this book so I can watch the TV series on HBOgo while I read book two! Has anyone finished the books and watched the series? Let me know what you thought, but stay spoiler free please. 

Happy Thursday everyone!

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