Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Over the Horizon

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. It blows me away that I have a small audience now, and I'm sorry for the delay. So a quick update is needed. My new job is going well, I'm learning quickly and I'm finding that I might just get a set schedule if things work out right. If that is indeed the case, I can get a weekend job and my morning classes at University of New Mexico will be a breeze. I can make the trip back to Arizona in about three weeks, and I'll finally have my car and furniture here. I'm seriously debating a getting a roommate, but everyone I know that also needs one doesn't really match up well. Plus, the last roommate situation was a catastrophe of the worst kind.

I've started dating again... or rather, I WAS dating and quickly found a really great guy. Yep, I know all the rules, guidelines, and things I should keep in mind while post breakup. But I have to be honest. 2012 was a rough year, and when you just KNOW things are over, you mourn it before the hammer even falls. That's what I did. I got asked, "How do you get over being heartbroken so fast if you really loved your ex?" and It's simple. I was heartbroken before. Sick from it and sick of it. I wouldn't have gone out on dates if I didn't think I was ready, and I have this knack for finding these really great guys. Before I would have just gone out, had fun, and thought to myself, "He was awesome, he will make a really great boyfriend for someone." but when I found that here I quickly picked up on it and made it a thing. I don't regret it. No illusions either. It's becoming one of my favorite risks so far. I even feel guilty for calling it a risk because it's proven to be anything but a risk. Still, at the start I was so unsure of even heading down monogamy road, but we are keeping it simple, fun, honest, and it works. Yes, I'm being vague, for reasons beyond my control. No, it isn't because he isn't out or something like that.

So, that's about it. No fancy words or metaphors. Have a great May everyone, and if I don't talk to you, May the 4th be with you (because Star Wars)

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