Sunday, March 3, 2013


It heals all wounds right?

It seems like such a comfort for all those other people, until you wake up, and realize it helped you. It makes you feel cliche and normal, but the whole idea makes you feel right again. We can't help but to feel like the end is near sometimes, it's our nature as humans. Or to feel as if there isn't much to fight for in this world, because of all the wreckage we constantly navigate. Time has a way of making you see things you may have been blind to when all you saw is what you couldn't hold onto. Not just what you were blocking out with your higher priorities, but what you turned a blind eye to for the sake of "something greater".

Honestly, those things that slip through your fingers aren't meant to be held. All that shimmers isn't gold. And sometimes, we hero worship people and situations that don't deserve it because we want perfection in the form of illusions. We trick ourselves into believing that something unhealthy is what we want. That it can make things better to have one more mediocre thing that everyone else has. Even if toxic will always be toxic, and unhappy is two letters from what you truly deserve.

The hardest lessons are often the best learned. To be in so much denial that your are continually having epiphany after epiphany when you look back is disgusting. I could write a book on manipulation, dominance, dependency, and lies. My acknowledgement would simply say, "Thank you for teaching me the difference."

The common denominator in your dependent relationships is you, but I'M the fool who's life was dominated entirely.

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